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We don’t expect every new student at Proof School will be familiar with the Riemann Hypothesis.

But kids who love math will leave a trail…. Consider whether any of these descriptions fit your child:

  • He would love to understand the mathematics behind planetary motion, circuit design, or Google page rank;
  • She thinks it’s cool that when you connect each vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side, these three segments all pass through a single point and create six smaller triangles with equal area;
  • Learning that the fourteenth Fibonacci number is divisible by 13 leads to wondering whether a similar thing happens for other primes.
  • Sound familiar? Any student who thinks this way would find the Proof School curriculum to be exciting, challenging, and rewarding.

    Proof School is certainly not the right fit for every student, or even a majority of students. For instance, it would probably not be a good choice for

  • a kid who complains that their math teacher is boring, but who shows little interest in math enrichment beyond the classroom, or
  • an athlete who enjoys math but who has set their sights on playing team sports for their next school at a serious, competitive level, or
  • any child for whom the prospect of spending two and a half hours engrossed in mathematics, even though presented in an engaging, inquiry-based manner, would be met with dismay.

    We invite you to contact us to discuss further whether Proof School is the right school for your child.