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Summer, 2014: Announcing Proof School Previews! If you’d like to experience a day-in-the-life of a Proof School student, register your interest now!


Admitting best-fit students ensures Proof School will fulfill its mission: giving kids who love math a school community all their own.


Who are we are looking for? Young people with exceptional mathematical ability and a deep passion for mathematics or computer science–and parents who can see beyond “regular” curriculum.

Sound like someone you know?

You know a math kid when you see one–in action. A student who is internally driven to pursue math–not externally pushed–will thrive at Proof School. But a passion for math or computer science is not enough. Proof School is committed to developing well-rounded individuals, so applicants will need to demonstrate academic or personal achievement in non-mathematical subjects as well. Do you have a math kid?

The mathematics part of the selection process will include a challenging qualifying test and an interview with a panel of Proof School staff. Students will need to provide evidence of exceptional mathematical skills, mathematical writing samples, a personal statement about their mathematical interests, and letters of recommendation.

Achievement outside of math will be evaluated on the basis of transcripts, test scores, writing, work and portfolio samples, and teacher recommendations.

Admissions Calendar:

Fall, 2014: Information events; early applications, testing and interviews

Winter 2014: Early enrollment decisions; new applications, testing and interviews

January 15, 2015: All regular applications due

February, 2015: Final testing and interviews

March, 2015: Regular enrollment decisions and notifications


Our goal is for Proof School to be a merit-based and need-blind institution; all students who qualify for and are admitted to Proof School should be able to attend regardless of financial need.


If you would like to send us a letter of interest now, please email Proof School at admissions@proofschool.org.