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blue hang glider

Proof School just got a nod from KQED’s education Website, MindShift–read it here.

Proof School Co-founder Paul Zeitz used a hang gliding metaphor to describe what he envisions as the interaction between students and teachers.

From the article by reporter Ingfei Chen: At a traditional school, a teacher in a top-notch math classroom might take students on the intellectual equivalent of a strenuous hike that brings them to top of the hill. But as Zeitz put it, “what they don’t realize is that they’re in this incredible mountain range, which they can’t see because their teacher doesn’t know how to get them to put on a hang glider and jump off the cliff and see the entire topography at once.” Proof School teachers will ideally have math Ph.D.s and the deep expertise to do that, he said.

Hang gliding? More like math gliding!

We will have news and updates soon on several fronts:

1. Our early admissions process and how to use our upcoming online admissions portal;

2. Some outstanding hires, including our new NoMAD, or Non-Math Academic Dean in charge of our humanities curriculum;

3. Proof School Previews–a day in the life at Proof School for prospective students and their families in the fall.

Stay tuned!