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Imagine high school, grad school, and math camp all rolled into one. That’s Proof School.

If you think back to your school days growing up, what kind of school would have made you excited every day?

For kids who love math, Proof School will be that school: an independent middle and high school in downtown San Francisco for students who are truly passionate about mathematics and computer science—students we call “math kids.” Our goal is to become the destination for teaching math kids, a population that is under-served by the education system in the United States.

Proof School will be academically elite but not elitist; we will offer enough financial assistance so that any “best-fit” student who is admitted can attend.

In tandem with a one-of-a-kind higher mathematics and CS program, Proof School will provide a complete humanities, arts, and physical sciences curriculum with exceptional teachers to ensure academic excellence in all subjects.

Proof School will guide math kids to reach their full potentials. Students will be able to interact with their intellectual peers as well as with career mathematicians and other field experts, progressing through an accelerated, enriched, and extended curriculum tailored specifically for them. While Proof School will start as a day school attracting the best students in the San Francisco Bay Area, we will examine a potential day/boarding school model to accommodate future growth.

There are several examples of schools and academies dedicated to talented students, but these schools typically serve students attracted to theater arts, athletics, and music—Proof School will be the Julliard for math kids. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and magnet schools seldom offer much more than an accelerated standard mathematics curriculum, which is insufficient for math kids. Proof School will fill the educational void in these students’ lives in a place filled with people who “get them.” We get math kids at Proof School.

Some of the most prominent minds in high-level mathematics education in the country are behind Proof School: Richard Rusczyk (Founder, Art of Problem Solving, Inc.), Mira Bernstein (Executive Director, Canada/USA Math Camp), Ravi Vakil (Stanford University), Art Benjamin (Harvey Mudd College), Zuming Feng (USA IMO/Phillips Exeter Academy), and others. All are nationally recognized leaders with years of diverse experience inspiring math students at all levels.

“Proof School will have an impact beyond its own halls of learning. As Proof School pioneers new ways of teaching beautiful and deep mathematical ideas to middle and high school students, I expect other teachers will want to adapt these methods to bring more exciting mathematics to their own classrooms. And while Proof School will be a leader in mathematics education at the secondary school level, our students will practice leadership, too; it’s important that students not just learn mathematics but also lead others to the joy of mathematics.”

Francis Su, Professor, Harvey Mudd College + President-elect, Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

Got some questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. If you’d like to lend a hand financially, please give generously. Math needs you.